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Looking for Lee memories from the last 50 years. Lee started as a Junior High in Febuary,1958 and became a High School in August,1963. Please submit to leehighhsv@gmail.com or the LHS Alumni facebook site. Also looking for yearbook covers: 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1999 2001 2003 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013


Looking for Football, Band, Baseball, Soccer, Choir, Tennis, ROTC, Magnet Program pictures etc. to fill in these gaps!!!!!


By Decade

the start-1950's

Lee Jr. High was built in 1957 as Northeast Huntsville was growing. This was a newly annexed area into Huntsville. Rison School (at Oakwood and Andrew Jackson Way) was transitioning out of use and Chapman was not built yet. The neighborhood was called "Lee High" as US72/Lee Highway passed down Andrew Jackson Way (Called 5th Street / "Lee Highway" back then) The Jr. High school opened in Febuary,1958. The Lyric Theatre was downtown (The Lee Lyric Theatre's name is derived from this theater, 1912-1982) Woody's Drive-In Theatre was on part of the current Meridian Street campus (1951-1976). The "Lee Highway" went from New York City to San Francisco on what is now US 72 in Alabama.




Lee Jr. High transitions into Lee High in 1964. The Space Race takes man to the moon. Nationwide unrest. Huntsville City Schools desegregate (First system in Alabama)



Lee maxes out on enrollment by 1972 with many portables before Johnson opens in August,1972. Lee is remodeled, Most of the windows are removed and the entire school gets air conditioning. The 9th grade is added in August,1973. The Lee Band wins the "Greatest Band in Dixie" competition in New Orleans among other great achievements including the Jimmy Carter Inauguration in 1977.



In 1986 Huntsville City Schools created the Lee Arts and Pre-Engineering Magnet Program at Lee. 1980's fashions are in as pictured by the class of '86



The school rolls out the multiple "Generals" updating the mascot image. The "auditorium" is turned into the "Lee Lyric Theater" as the Magnet programs blossom.




A tragic school bus accident claims 4 student's lives on I-565 in 2006. This raises nation-wide concerns about seat-belts on School Busses. Huntsville High gets a new building and everyone asks "What about Lee????" Parts of the Lee campus are over 50 years old. A new school is planned and construction starts.



The old Lee is retired at the end of the 2012 school year and the school moves "across the tracks" to Meridian Street. New Century joins Lee at the new site. The "Lee" name comes up for discussion and is retained by popular demand. The old campus is now a baseball field, football field, tennis courts and a small gym


The Teachers

 Some great teachers have been at Lee over the last 50 years. 4 that were spotlighted on WHNT-TV when the old school moved are pictured here.

Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Sumners, Mrs. Atkins, Coach Dugan are highlighted.

WHNT story about last day at old Lee CLICK HERE

WHNT story about old Lee Flagpole  CLICK HERE

Huntsville ETV Video from 2014 Band Reunion: (1970's/1980's LHS Band)



The Yearbooks

1959/1960 Lee Jr High School








The Student Handbooks



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Please submit to leehighhsv@gmail.com or the the LHS Alumni facebook site.

LEE HIGH SCHOOL         50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE!!!        1964-2014                                                                 

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